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1.BOSCO TOUGH FULLY SYNTH(Fully Syn) SAE 5W-40 API:SN/CF, ACEA:A3/B4 - 12, BMW Longlife LL-01, Porche A40,VW:502/505.00,MB Approval 229.3,229.5,226.5
3.BOSCO TOUGH High Mileage SAE 20W-50 API: SN for Heavy Duty or the Engine has run over 160,000 Kms.
4.BOSCO STRONG SYN-PLUS(Semi-Syn) SAE;10W-30 API:CI-4/SL, ACEA:A3/B4 for Commonrail, Turbo Charger, EGR.
5.BOSCO STRONG DUTY SAE:15W-40 API:CH-4/SJ , For Turbo Charger, EGR.
6.BOSCO STRONG HD SAE;40 for Heavy Duty or the Engine has run over 160,000 Kms. API:CF/SF

Dynamic Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was Registration No. 0105560160431. The committee is composed of 7 members.

Mr.Weerayuth Kitsatienkun  worked as a lubricant manager of Yantrakit Co., Ltd. from  1988 to 2018. (30 years) on gasoline and diesel engine motor Oils which are  Unocal 76, ConocoPhillips, Phillips66, Kendall Motor oil brand.
1984 to 1988.(4 Years) Experienced on Paint and Chemical. D.N.T. brand.
1978 to 1984.(6 Years) worked on elf brand motor oil for gasoline and diesel engines. At R.A.C. Trading Co.,Ltd.

BOSCO Motor Oil for vehicle gasoline and diesel engines. There are 1.Fully Synthetic, 2.Semi-synthetic and 3.Mineral oil based motor oil that was blended by high group base oil and the best USA.engine oil additive  with advanced machinery and high standards. Every motor oil products were registered with the Department of Energy Business, Ministry of Energy. BOSCO motor oil have been pass and approved in every quality class.