Basic to take care of your cars.

1. Should be check your 4 Tire Tread on every 7 days that should be 31-32 psi or learn from your car guide book.
2. Should be alternate your tires on every 10,000 Kms.
3. Should be check the break system of your car on every 50,000 Kms.
4. Should be drain the break fluid on every 20,000 Kms.
5. Should be check the water in the Radiator of your car on every 3 days
6. Should be check the distilled water in your car battery on every 7 days or find the color of cat’s eye on your battery which it is not need to add distilled water. However, you can find the blue color around red point that it has still more energy in your battery.
7. Should be check the water level in wiper bottle in your car on every 7 days.
8. Should be check the Motor Oil level from your car engine by pull out a Motor Oil gauge on every 7 days. Actually the Motor Oil level be at upper point of Oil gauge.
9. Should be drain the Motor Oil from your car engine on 10,000 Kms. For Fully or Semi Synthetic Motor Oil, and 7,000 Kms. for the Mineral Motor Oil
10 Should be change a Motor Oil Filter on every time that you have drained the Motor Oil.
11 Should be clean your air filter on every 5,000 Kms. and to change it on every 15,000 Kms.
12 Don’t packing under mango tree, banana tree or any tree that they can spit out of gum resin on your car. Because the gum resin can destroy you care color.

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